Monday, August 07, 2006

John Riggs

The name John Riggs is very common in our family history. the 6th, 7th, and 8th generation males on my paternal side all have this name.
The 6th generation man bears the middle name Lyle. He was born in 1824, in Greencastle, Putnam, Indiana. How funny that I have ended up in Indiana too.
The 7th generation John Riggs was born in the 1790's, in either Indiana, Kentucky, or Connecticut. He died in Indiana
The 8th generation John Riggs was born in 1772 in Oxford, New Haven, Connecticut. I don't have too much other information about him yet.

Interestingly enough, Elliott is reading a book called, "Remembering Joseph", in which the saints who interacted with the prophet Joseph Smith , Jr. recount their memories of him. The book has 2 different stories from a John Riggs who was born in Oxford, New Haven, Connecticut in 1812, and later ended up moving to Utah.

Elliott's sister Leslie has also given me information about some Riggs in their family line. These Riggs hailed from Connecticut (albiet a different part) in the late 1700's also. As soon as I get the Primary Program written, I plan to look into the connection.


Blogger Judy said...

Hey Ginger this is cool!! I'm glad you are doing this so I will find out some handy information. While you are checking out the connection between the Parkers and Riggses maybe you could also find out exactly where we are related to Michelle's family? Her maiden name is Lisonbee. : )

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